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Extended Office Hours

  • Extended Office Hours

    I want to make sure everyone gets the medical attention they need.

    I am here for you so I offer non-traditional times for appointments.

    If you need other special accommodations, please call and ask.





Hi, I’m Dr Matt Pabis. I’m a board certified family medicine doctor trained in upstate New York where I learned how to do a lot on my own, and now I’m practicing back home in the city where I handle as much as I can in the office without sending you all over the city for needless referrals.

I was raised in New York City. I completed my residency in Schenectady NY. I started off working for a big corporate medical practice in Harlem, but found that it did not give me the time to really know my patients. It felt like an assembly line; 15 minutes to see one problem and move on. I didn’t want to practice medicine like that. I wanted to get to know my patients, and really understand them to make their lives and health better.

Then the opportunity to start a primary care practice in a pain management, orthopedic, and cosmetic practice presented itself and I jumped on it. I loved my time there, but it still did not feel quite like home. Even though there was a lot to learn and do, the variety of patients wasn’t there.

So I decided to move on and start my own primary care practice. I also took the position of a medical director of a psychiatric, and substance abuse clinic in the same building where my office is located.

I developed a practice where I work with my patients to help them be as healthy as they can be. I don’t push one medicine or another, I am always open to new ideas or new treatment plans, and every treatment plan is developed with you. If option 1 or option 2 don’t work for you, we can figure an option that does work.

Additionally I’m comfortable with opioid addiction therapy, medical cannabinoids, preventive HIV medication, and Vivitrol Injections. And in some occasions, I can do house calls.

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